Week Preview for 9/4/23

🔷 Happy Labor Day! We’ll be running a 9am Class Only on Monday. There will be a 20 person cap so get signed in early and please cancel the night before if you cannot attend so someone else can grab that spot!

Whiteboard Review
Whiteboard Review before getting to work!

Strength: Finding a Heavy 3 Rep Thruster
Hero Workout: “Kalsu” has Thrusters as well as Burpees on the minute. Mental and physical test!

Skill: Gymnastic Pulling
Workout: Longer interval of Runs, Box Step Overs, and Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

Strength: EMOM of Deadlifts, Pressing Option, and Cardio Option
Workout: Buy-In with a Cardio Option followed by rounds of Pressing (HSPU or DB Push Press) + Deadlifts then a Buy-Out of a Cardio Option

Workout: Long and low RPE (5)…DB Suitcase Carries, DB Rows, DB Glute Bridges, Lunges, Curls, short/easy runs, etc.

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: EMOM with Wall Walks, Plate Ground to Overhead, Hand-Release Push Ups, and Static Holds

Skill: Complex of Hang Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, and Squat Clean
Workout of the Week: “Kryptonite” is a longer one with Toes-to-Bar, Jump Rope, and Barbell Movements (Hang Power Cleans, Hang Squat Cleans, and Power Cleans) at varying weights over the workout….if you finish you have Max Rep Squat Cleans in remaining time

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