Week Preview for 3/20/23

IMG 3633

🔷 2 Weeks to go on the 300 Miles for March Challenge. Keep logging those miles on the board and your BTWB app!

IMG 3633
Kacey working through Burpee Pull Ups in the Open WOD 23.2A

Working the Overhead Squat for strength time followed by a spicy couplet of Medicine Ball Cleans and Pull Ups for our conditioning.

Shoulder Press for strength work then 400m Runs and Hang Power Clean & Jerks in the MetCon. Challenge your loading while keeping form.

Deadlift ladder for strength increasing load. MetCon is a quick chipper of Rowing, Dumbbell Snatches, and Toes-to-Bar.

3-Position Power Cleans for our strength/skill time. Practice quality and hitting those hips on each piece. Skill work for conditioning with Double Unders, Strict Handstand Push Ups, and Pistols.

Strength day working Back Squats for strength time than we have a grindy workout of Farmer Carries, Burpee Strict Pull Ups, and Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts.

Split Jerk for more of a skill day for most….get heavy if you can! Solid conditioning triplet of Box Jump Overs, 200m Runs, and Ab Mat Situps.

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