Week Preview for 8/28/23

🔷 Always exciting to see the lifting and benchmark PRs from the past week! Keep focusing on quality lifts as we use them again in more benchmark workouts this week.

🔷 New focuses: we will begin to see the Bench Press and Overhead Squat in strength sessions this month as we get close to our final strength cycle of the year. During the last months we saw a lot of anaerobic type workouts (think “Grace” and “Isabel”) that are sprint style. As we move away from those you’ll see more aerobic workouts which will keep you breathing heavy for a little longer. There will be a good bit of double unders to build this skill also so it may be a good time to invest in your own rope. Lastly, we will see more heavy pulls like the deadlift since we couldn’t do much during the Oly cycle.

Evan Snatch
Evan working on the snatch

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: Bike/Row/Run, Situps, and Push Ups. Simple and effective start to the week!

Skill: Snatch and Gymnastics Pulling
Benchmark Workout: “Amanda” is Squat Snatch and Muscle Ups

Skill: Jump Rope
Workout: Double Unders, Rowing, and Burpees

Strength: Overhead or Front Squat
Workout: EMOM with Toes to Bar, Wall Balls, Shuttle Runs, and a quick rest

Strength: Power Clean finding a heavy double
Benchmark Workout: “Elizabeth” is Power Cleans and Ring Dips

Workout: Runs, Box Jumps, Back Rack Lunges, and Situps (Solo or Partner options) on a longer AMRAP clock

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