Week Preview for 4/3/23

🔷 April Challenge for the group is 15,000 Push Ups! There is a new board up at the gym so get to pushing and adding those stickers. Each sticker/block is 25 Push Ups for this challenge. You may do Push Ups or Box Push Ups (elevated to any surface if not in the gym).

🔷 Great job finishing the run challenge with a few days to spare last month! Keep up a little running this month along with the push ups and you’ll be ready to crush Murph on Memorial Day.

🔷 Schedule: No PM Classes this Friday 4/7 for Good Friday. Go sign in for those morning classes now as 9am will get busy.

🔷 Still planning the annual crawfish boil for April 22nd and will confirm this week.

April Push Up Challenge
April Push Up Challenge

Starting the week with Deadlifts for strength. You may go for a little PR if feeling good but be smart and don’t go crazy here if you’re not consistent. Simple interval workout with 200m Runs and max reps of Toes-to-Bar in remaining time.

We’re doing Shoulder Presses for strength with 5’s and a few max effort sets to burn ’em out. MetCon is a quick chipper of Hang Power Cleans, Bar-Facing Burpees, and Front Rack Lunges.

Hitting 8’s on the Back Squat followed by an AMRAP of 250m Row, Pull Ups, Box Jump Overs, and Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches.

Strength time features and EMOM of Strict Ring Dips. MetCon has interval work with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Double Unders, and Ab Mat Situps.

Working the Clean & Jerk during strength time with singles so you can get a little heavy if feeling good. Conditioning is a descending ladder of light Power Snatches with 400m Runs.

There is a 3-part mash up with Overhead Squats & Lateral Burpees over the Bar, then Hang Power Cleans & Front Squats, and finally Pull Ups and Toes-to-Bar.

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