Week Preview for 9/28/20

🔷 Just a few days left in September so get in those workouts to make it on the BTWB Committed Club list!


🔷 Reminder:  we are still having our own Friday Night Lights in October on the 16th, 23rd and 30th.  Save the dates and we’ll have more details out very soon!

IMG 5157
Elizabeth and some morning crew working through thrusters.



Practicing the Power Clean with touch-n-go triples then a max rep interval workout with Power Cleans and Lateral Burpees over the Bar.  Higher intensity to start the week or just pace yourself well if still shaken up from the LSU loss.



Tempo Front Squats then an AMRAP triplet of Wall Balls, Pull Ups, and Double Unders.  Little longer workout building volume.



Push Press strength work then a triplet of Dumbbell Snatches, Push Ups, and 400m Runs.



3-Position Cleans for skill work then a classic looking CrossFit couplet of Squat Cleans and Toes-to-Bar.



Bench Press triples followed by an AMRAP of Box Jump Overs, Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters, and Strict Pull Ups. 



Partner WOD working together to chip through Deadlifts, Clean & Jerks, Push Jerks, and 400m Runs.

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