Week Preview for 9/21/20

🔷 Are you choosing if you’re going to a class based on the posted workout?  STOP!  If you can make it to class, come to class.  If something is sore or hurt, we’ll help you move and feel better.  If a movement is a weakness, you’ll likely not like it, but need to work on it!!  We’re here to help your fitness by keeping you moving in some form and you’ll always feel better by the end of the hour.

IMG 5310
Bonnie working through front squats



Moderate loading Deadlift session then a triplet AMRAP of Power Snatches, Pull Ups, and Air Squats.  Light and quick for a dose of intensity to start the week.



Practicing the Hang Power Clean & Jerk for strength time then hitting moderate Hang Power Cleans with Box Jump Overs and a short built-in rest. 



Interval work going every 5:00 on Cal Rowing, Wall Balls, and Double Unders.  Tough one but doable!



Much needed day of Quality work for a longer but lower intensity workout involving Farmer Carries, 400m Runs, Strict Handstand Push Ups, Strict Pull Ups, and Burpees.



Lower body work day with Back Squat strength then a triplet of Russian KB Swings, Walking Lunges, and Ab Mat Situps.



Partner WOD where you’ll be switching off after each movement.  Working on the Clean & Jerk, Toes-to-Bar, Box Jump, Dumbbell Snatch, and Push Up.

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