Week Preview for 9/26/22

🔷 More Level Method Assessments this week so make the time and get signed in for those days!

🔷 When logging your workouts in the BTWB app, be sure to choose “Changed Weights/Movements/Etc” if you did change or adjust anything about the written version.  By not doing so, the gym and worldwide results can be skewed.  There is a lot of cool data in there so we want to do our part in not messing it up.  If you’re in a rush when logging, just put modifications in your notes instead of changing them…still click the “changed” option when beginning.  Thanks!


IMG 2669
Check out David rocking through those thrusters on “Jackie” last week.




Working an overhead complex to really drill in the skill of launching the barbell off of the shoulders using the legs and hips.  Pause Push Press + 2 Push Press.  MetCon is meant to be lighter volume to get a great workout but feel good for testing tomorrow.  200m Runs, Box Jumps, and Russian Kettlebell Swings are your triplet.



Level Method Testing all of Group 1 which is the Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, and Lactic Tolerance.  As always, don’t skip steps and if you’re not ready to test then come in to get in some training.



Working with 500m Rows, Push Ups, and light Hang Power Cleans with a quick rest after each round.  Get out some soreness from Tuesday or push the pace if you’re feeling good.  Post-WOD has accessory work with Single-Arm Ring Rows, Banded Tricep Extensions, and Dumbbell Curls.



Level Method Testing the Neurological & Core Endurance category.  Post-WOD strength session has Farmer Carries, Hip Extensions, and Monster Walks.



Cranking the intensity back up to end the week.  Level Method testing Weightlifting again so those in the upper sections will test the Snatch and others may either take another shot at their level up or get in some training for next time.  MetCon is an interval workout on a 2:00 minute clock with a 1:00 rest.  200m Runs and max rep Clean & Jerks in remaining time.



Partner WOD!  Ascending ladder of Double Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans and Toes-to-Bar.  Splitting reps as needed to work through this spicy one!  Going to also start posting solo versions if you don’t have a partner.

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