Week Preview for 9/19/22

🔷 Tentative Upcoming Dates:

-CFBR Fall Brawl: Friday, November 11th

-CFBR Christmas Party: Saturday, December 3rd (may change based on facility)

IMG 1781
Austin practicing the Overhead Squat




Barbell lovers get signed in!  We’re practicing a complex of Power Snatches + Overhead Squats for skill time then hitting a quicker couplet with them on a descending ladder.  Practice quality reps but have some fun with it.



Level Method Testing on the Rings for strength time.  If your test is quick, use that time to train for the next as well.  Cruising through a nice triplet of 400m Runs, Push Ups, and Ab Mat Situps afterwards.



Level Method Testing the Weightlifting Category.  Clean & Jerk day for those in the Oly Total area.  Quick couplet of Wall Balls and Double Unders to finish out the day.



Bench Day!  Working sets of 5 before a quality workout of Dumbbell Snatches, Suitcase Carries, Hollow Rocks, and short Rows.  Get in and move today.



Strength time features Pause Front Squats.  Keep it quality and moderate.  We’ll have a test coming soon.  MetCon is the classic benchmark “Jackie” so buckle in and push the pace as able through a Row, Thrusters, and Pull Ups.



Partner WOD!  We’re running short 200’s together then splitting Deadlifts and challenging Hang Power Cleans as needed.


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