Week Preview for 8/8/22

🔷 We’re still early in a new month, plenty of time to put in the work and get on the Committed Club for August!  Keep training and logging those workouts in your BTWB app.


IMG 2275
Aaron hitting a lift during our annual Summer League event!




Practicing a simple snatch complex for technique work then hitting a nice little MetCon with a rest to enter the week.  This triplet has Power Snatches, Push Ups, and 400m Runs.



Working the Back Squat for strength doing a descending rep ladder.  Challenge those bigger sets as able too.  Gymnastics workout has Pull Ups, Walking Lunges, Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, and Pistols.  Practice progressions to build strength but keep moving.



Strength time has an option to work heavy Push Press singles and see where you’re at.  Use those legs and hips!  Interval workout here going through Parallette Pass Throughs, Box Jump Overs, and Cal Rowing.



If you’ve been in this week you’ll appreciate this slower paced workout with Double Unders, Farmer’s Carries, Weighted Situps, and Double Dumbbell Bent over Rows.  Find a cruise pace to knock it out then we’ll do a little mobility afterwards.



Hitting a Clean complex for strength time to move that barbell around.  Nice couplet of Devil’s Press and Wall Balls on an ascending ladder that will keep you moving and breathing heavy.



Partner WOD!  Alternating full rounds on this one going through 200m Runs, Hang Clean & Jerks, and Toes-to-Bar.  Longer one but a nice rest in there.

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