Week Preview for 8/7/23

🔷 Keep quality on these lifts as we get into higher RPE/Percentages. Don’t drill in bad habits before going for a PR soon. Challenge yourself and have some fun with it though!

🔷 Weather is looking slightly cooler this week but still hot so lower your own RPE (a.k.a. intensity) as needed to keep getting in workouts. If you’re not sure how, chat with your coach for help! Also, stay hydrated!

Ethan DB clean
Ethan grinding through dumbbell rows & cleans

Strength: Split Jerk
Workout: Shoulder to Overhead, Up Downs to Target, and Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Strength: Clean and Clean Pulls
Workout: Cleans and Double Unders….short and heavy!

Skill: Rope Climb
Workout of the Week: “Kilimanjaro” DB Goblet Lunges, Bike/Row, Single-DB Burpee Box Step Overs, and Rope Climbs

Workout: Solo or Partner workout with 400m Runs along with KB Front Rack Holds and Situps
Strength: light/moderate Front Squats

Strength: Snatch and Snatch Pulls
Workout: Quick chipper of Wall Balls, Box Jumps, and Power Snatches

Workout: Rowing, Toes-to-Bar, and Bar Muscle Ups. Solo version is a two-part workout or one longer partner option.

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