Week Preview for 8/3/20

🔷 How long should I be in fetal position after a workout?  The intensity of workouts vary and so should how you feel after the workout.  We shouldn’t need to be in the fetal position every day after a workout.  There are some days that we should be winded and somewhat uncomfortable but still able to function.  If you are someone who is dead daily post-workout and are feeling the effects of it such as burnout then watch your intensity level on workouts throughout the week.  Go really hard some days but other days should be a strong effort that you can walk away from.

🔷 O2 has switched to a slim can.  The slim cans will be $3.00 per can.  The o2+ are still $4.00 per can.

IMG 4963
Marshall and Sean rolling through some light hang snatches



Squatting strength with Back Squats then a fast paced triplet of Dumbbell Snatches, Lateral Burpees over the Dumbbell, and Ab Mat Situps.



Hitting some heavier Cleans followed by a light barbell triplet of Deadlifts, Hang Power Cleans, and Thrusters.



Working on Push Jerks then a gymnastic workout with 200m Runs and either Bar Muscle Ups or another Pull Up variation that you are working on.



Pressing and core EMOM with Hanging L-Sits and either Strict Handstand Push Up, Dumbbell Pressing, or Push Ups.  Conditioning work is Rowing and Single-Leg strength of either Pistols or Med Ball weighted Step Ups.



Multiple round intervals with Box Jump Overs, Wall Balls, and Double Unders.  Good hard end to the week!



Partner workout with light Power Snatches, Single-Arm Russian KB Swings, and Push Ups.

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