Week Preview for 8/10/20

🔷 Last week we talked about appropriate intensity on a workout.  This has a lot to do with what you are doing the other 23 hours of the day you’re not at the gym.  Now, let’s touch on recovery.


What is recovery?  It is not just any one thing like foam rolling your lats and quads.  Proper recovery has to do with your sleep, nutrition (food and hydration), rest days (1-2 per week), as well as working out those tight spots with your choice of massage, foam rolling, yoga/stretching, etc.  There are a ton of options when it comes to actual body/muscle/tissue work.


Why are these important?  Here are quick reasons on each:


Sleep – your body heals while you sleep.

Nutrition – poor food choices can increase inflammation.  Better food choices can reduce it.

Hydration – we all know that we need water to survive.  Especially in our climate.

Rest days – this does not mean you need 4-5 rest days per week!!!  1-2 Full Rest days is good or doing 1 Full + 1-2 light days are good for those who like to stay more active.  This also does not mean you need to do a “Fran” type workout every workout day.

Body Work – seeing a professional each week can get costly so invest $20 in a foam roller to do some of this on your own at home.  Keep your body loose and moving throughout the week to help with increased flexibility and recovery.  Too many options and we’ll need a separate post on this.


Increase your recovery so you can push it when you want to in the gym!  As always, reach out with questions or for help.


IMG 5127
Mark John working through thrusters with the 5am crew

Programming Preview


Clean & Jerk complex then a chipper style workout with max rep at the end including Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk, Toes-to-Bar, Hang Power Clean, then Bar-Facing Burpees.  Short and fast with higher intensity to start the week!



Longer workout with 400m Runs, Push Ups, and Deadlifts.  Finding a moderate pace early and trying to hold it taking calculated breaks.



Continuing to improve explosiveness overhead with a Pause Push Press this week.  Tough little couplet of Wall Balls and Pull Ups for conditioning.



Overhead or Front Squats for strength/skill then a quality workout on the minute with Double Unders, Plank Holds, and Box Jumps.  You choose the intensity on this one depending on how consistent you’ve been.  Could be a good sweat or push the pace for higher intensity.



Quick Deadlift session 3 x 5 then a triplet of Russian Kettlebell Swings, Walking Lunges, and light Push Press.



Chipper style partner workout with Clean & Jerks, Toes-to-Bar, Pull Ups, Lateral Burpees, and 400m Runs.  Grind it out with a buddy to start the weekend!

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