Week Preview for 8/29/22


IMG 2528
Rahul getting those toes up to the bar!




Shoulder Press for strength work ending with a couple burnout/max sets.  MetCon is a fun little triplet of Power Cleans, Box Jump Overs, and 200m Runs.  Quick and just enough to get the job done.



Working the Front Squat for strength time with an opportunity to go heavy.  Check your current max and see if you can move up on the Level Method MAP if able.  Slower, strength building workout today with Strict Pull Ups and Single-Arm Kettlebell Swings (or KB Snatch or Russian KB Swing).



Hitting a great conditioning workout today called, “The Ghost”.  This is an interval workout with Cal Rowing, Burpees, and Double Unders.  Trick here for the best fitness results is not gaming the row and burpees, especially if you’re good at double unders.  There is a post-WOD option to either get a banded shoulder pump or work mobility and recover.



Practicing the Hang Snatch for strength time with triples.  Remember, this movement is all about technique so get it right before adding load.  MetCon is an ascending ladder AMRAP of Wall Balls and Push Ups.



Getting volume on the Deadlift with 8’s for strength time.  Many of you maxed last week so bring that weight back down here.  MetCon has Dumbbell Snatches and a challenging volume of Toes-t0-Bar to build those up.



Partner WOD!  We’ve got 200m Runs along with light Hang Power Cleans and Push Jerks.  You’re splitting reps as needed here so a good day to get practice on barbell cycling.

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