Week Preview for 8/21/23

🔷 Ladies and Gentleman, the week you’ve been waiting for….re-test week! You’ll have the opportunity to find a new 1RM on your Snatch and Clean & Jerk as well as re-test the benchmark workouts Isabel or Randy, and Grace. We also have Helen to spice it up mid week!

🔷 Check your intensity. If you train consistently, great! You can likely go hard some days and understand as well as feel that you need a few lower intensity days in there too. If you are less consistent training (at or under 3 days per week) then be sure to not leave yourself sore for days. I see many go super hard one day only to be gone for 2-3 days at a time due to soreness. That’s not training and it’s not helping! Moderate intensity 4-5 days per week is better than higher than you need intensity 1-2 days per week. As always, consistency is key to success!

🔷 More C4 drinks are arriving this week with a larger option as well. Be sure to write if you grabbed a small or big one on the tab sheet!

Eric DB Lunge
Eric working through DB lunges

Strength: 1RM Snatch
Benchmark Workout: Isabel or Randy

Strength: Front Squats and Jump Rope Practice
Workout: Going longer with an Every 5:00 workout x5 with Double Unders, Situps, and Front Squats

Benchmark Workout: “Helen” includes 400m Runs, KB Swings, and Pull Ups
Partner Cash-Out: Synchro Push Ups and Farmer Carries

Skill: Handstand Holds or Handstand Walking
Workout: Longer EMOM with Bike/Row/Run, Parallette Pass Throughs, Box Step Overs, and a Handstand Variation

Strength: 1RM Clean & Jerk
Benchmark Workout: Grace

Workout: Rowing, Back Rack Lunges, and Burpees over the Bar (Solo or Partner options)
Strength: Bench Press

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