Week Preview for 8/23/21

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IMG 4882
Sean working on Ring Dips




Getting in some barbell volume to start the week with a descending ladder of Power Cleans and Runs.  Good news is the runs decrease as well!  Strength time has a clean complex to practice technique and build to something heavy.



Doing a skill session EMOM with Hollow & Arch Swings, Ring Support Holds on top and bottom, as well as Dragonflies.  Workout has Plate Ground to Overhead, Plate Overhead Lunges, and Toes-to-Bar.  Moderate volume AMRAP to keep moving on a nice full body workout.



Legs on hump day with an opportunity to attempt a max (1RM, 3RM, or 5RM) Front Squat followed by a couplet of Wall Balls and Box Jumps.



Conditioning day with lots of 400m Runs and Push Ups on an interval.  Post WOD has a pump session with Curls, Tricep Extensions, and Side Planks.



Push Press strength work with volume.  We’re building load from last week’s session.  Workout is a triplet of Dumbbell Push Press, Strict Pull Ups, and Double Unders.  Short reps to keep moving on this one.



Partner workout with Lateral Burpees over the Bar, Power Cleans (heavy), and Runs.  You’ll be chipping through the reps as able then running together.

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