Week Preview for 8/16/21

IMG 7747
Austin working through Toes-to-Bar




Maxing out the Bench Press to kick things off!  If you haven’t been hitting the bench days consistently then be smart and work to a heavy set as there will be options as always.  Workout is short and sweet with Strict Burpee Pull Ups and Double Unders.



Going to heavy doubles this week for Front Squats building over the last weeks.  Workout is a spicy triplet of Thrusters, Box Jumps, and Ab Mat Situps.  Choose a load to keep moving on this one.



Slinging the barbell and running with Deadlifts, Power Cleans, and 400m Runs.  It is an interval with rest after the runs so hit those with some intensity.  Post WOD will be core work of Hanging L-Sits and Supermans.



Practicing the Overhead Squat with lighter loads or doing drills to improve for next time.  Workout is main focus of Lateral Burpees over Bar, Toes-to-Bar, and Front Rack Lunges.



Working volume on the Push Press for strength time.  Conditioning is 200m Runs and a descending ladder of Hang Power Clean & Jerks.  Have fun and push the pace moving the barbell around.



Partner WOD!  Doing an extended time version of 17.4 with Deadlifts, Wall Balls, Cal Row, and Handstand Push Ups.  We did something similar last weekend for practice and now we’ll see how far we can get doing this with a partner.

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