Week Preview for 9/13/21

IMG 6941
Throwback pic to cooler weather. Marshall and the crew working on cleans!




Working up to a 3RM Shoulder Press for the day followed by a gymnastics triplet of Handstand Push Ups, Ab Mat Situps, and Air Squats.  Short rep scheme to keep you moving and build volume on these movements.



Deadlift day!  Hitting a quick strength session then we’ll be working an EMOM style workout with Deadlifts and Bar-Facing Burpees in one minute then Box Jumps in the other.  Good little conditioning piece that will give you an opportunity to challenge yourself.



Starting with gymnastics strength on Ring Dips and Hollow Holds for upper body and core work.  MetCon is an ascending ladder of Push Ups and Dumbbell Snatches.  These are fun as it’s interesting to see when it hits you!  Good news is it’s an AMRAP so you do get stopped.



Cardio day (if the rain passes by now)!  This was originally our Tuesday workout but the new hurricane has us mixing up the week.  Little chipper of Rowing, Double Unders, and a Run to get the lungs working.  Post WOD core work with Pallof Presses, Hollow Rocks, and Supermans.



Back on the barbell working Pause Back Squats for strength work.  Don’t get too crazy on them and stick to positions and your tempo.  Workout has heavier Squat Cleans and Toes-to-Bar.  Low volume and quick but heavy!



Longer Partner WOD is an AMRAP of Thrusters, Pull Ups, Wall Balls, and Cal Rows.  Reps should be fun to start and get challenging in the next couple of rounds!


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