Week Preview for 7/3/23

🔷 Oly Cycle begins this week so you’ll see a chance to 1RM your Clean & Jerk and Snatch! Don’t worry about going too crazy here with a crappy technique PR and hit what you can with good technique and staying safe. We’ll be doing drills and strength over the next 8 weeks to go for a solid PR at the end.

🔷 Gymnastics capacity cycle is also beginning! You’ll see some EMOM style work through this so think about the overall volume you can handle at first with quality to the reps you can complete by the end of this cycle.

🔷 Holiday Schedule:
Monday 7/3: AM Only (5am, 6am, 9am)
Tuesday 7/4: 9am Only (space is limited so only sign in if you know for sure you’re coming)

🔷 New Text Line: 225-351-2285. Just another reminder that our current line will be gone soon so save this one now as CrossFit BR.

Tony JP Push Jerks
Tony and Jean Paul working through push jerks


Strength: 1RM Clean & Jerk
Workout: “Grace”

Workout: Hero WOD “Small” includes Rowing, Burpees, Box Jumps, and Runs. Long one so buckle up!

Strength: Overhead or Front Squat
Workout: Suitcase Carries, Russian KB Swings, and Back Rack Lunges

Workout: Longer Quality Day with Cardio choice, V-Ups, Plank Holds, RDL+Rows, and a section to practice a Snatch Complex for technique going into the test on Friday

Strength: 1RM Snatch
Workout: “Isabel” OR “Randy”

Gymnastics: EMOM of Strict Pull Ups
Workout: Intervals of Cardio Choice, Double Unders, and Up-Down+Pull Ups

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