Week Preview for 6/26/23

🔷 Oly Cycle is coming soon in July along with Gymnastics Capacity work!

🔷 RPE: what is it? Rate of Perceived Exertion. This is based on a scale of 1-10 and is relative to YOU. The longer you train the better you get at understanding this and your own RPE. Just starting the conversation on this so we can help you understand the stimulus of workouts and strength sessions as we go forward.

David Clean
We can now say David is working on his “dad” strength after this weekend. Congrats on the newborn!


Strength: Clean Complex of a Clean Deadlift + Pause Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Workout: Power Cleans, Hang Power Cleans, Double Unders, and Box Jumps

Gymnastics Skill: Ring work or Bar work depending on your level practicing swings and pulling
Workout: Benchmark sprint workout with Burpees and Muscle Ups or Pull Ups and Push Ups/Dips

Workout: Running, Situps, and Overhead or Front Squats building load over intervals

Workout: Quality day working through your Cardio Choice, DBL DB Single Leg RDL, Banded Lat Push Downs, Single-Arm DB Rows, and Banded Hammer Curls

Strength: Finding a Moderate/Heavy 3 rep on the Thruster to prep for the test workout
Workout: Another Friday test with Rowing, Thrusters, and Up-Downs over the Bar

Workout: Longer one with Rowing (or bike or run), Alternating V-Ups, Russian KB Swings, and KB Goblet Alternating Lunges

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