Week Preview for 7/24/23

🔷 Week 4 of the Oly and Gymnastics cycle. You’ll see that we’re starting to pull from the floor again! If you’ve been following along and drilled in better habits from the hang positions with lighter loads it’s time to be solid from the floor.

Tony DB work
Dumbbell workouts are deceiving!


Strength: Cleans (or Power cleans) along with Clean Pulls
Workout of the Week: Barbell Complex with Jump Rope and a nice rest between sets

Strength: Split Jerk
Workout: Shuttle Runs and Pull Ups

Strength: Front Squat
Workout: EMOM of Rowing, Wall Balls, and a nice rest minute

Strength: EMOM of Unbroken Toes-to-Bar
Workout: AMRAP of a Cardio choice (row/bike/run), Situps, and Up-Downs with a Crawl over Taller Box

Strength: Snatch (or Powers) with Snatch Pulls for accessory
Workout: Power Snatches and Hand-Release Push Ups on a quicker AMRAP

Workout: Runs, Back Squats, Box Jumps, and Front Rack Lunges

Workout: Rest Day or check BTWB for the AT-HOME track options

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