Week Preview for 7/17/23

🔷 Week 3 of our Oly and Gymnastics cycle. Hopefully you’ve been logging and remembering loads to see what to hit next!

George Lunge
George working through lunges while back in town


Strength: Overhead Squat (or Front Squat)
Workout: Kettlebell day! Runs, KB Deadlifts, Russian KB Swings, and KB Goblet Squats

Skill: Ring Muscle Up + Ring Dips OR Strict Pull Ups + Kipping Pull Ups on an EMOM format
Workout: Interval work with Rowing (or bike/run), Toes-to-Bar, Front Rack Lunges, and Ring Muscle Ups (or Up-Down+Pull Ups) in remaining time

Strength: Hang Snatch
Workout of the Week: “Fire & Ice” Hang Power Snatch on a descending ladder with Double Unders between sets

Quality Workout: longer EMOM of Cardio choice, DB Goblet Lateral Box Step Overs, Dips, DB Pull Overs, and a Static Hold Choice

Strength: Hang Clean
Workout: Hang Squat Cleans

Strength: Push Jerk
Workout: Box Jumps, Burpees, and Single-DB Shoulder to Overhead

Workout: check the BTWB app for AT-HOME options!

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