Week Preview for 7/20/20

🔷 Sunday workouts are fun but sometimes you end up doing movements that you see again on Monday.  That’s not the worst thing as long as we don’t over do-it on Sunday.  My suggestion for those who like to do something on their own for Sunday is watch your volume if this is a movement that will leave you sore.  One idea is when setting up your workout, use more movements and moderate volume in a chipper-style workout.  Take 5-8 movements and do 25-40 reps of each.  Example:  For Time – 30 Pull Up/Rows, 30 Squats, 30 Push Up, 30 Lunge, 30 Press, 30 Box Jump.  This allows you to move around and sweat but not do too much of any one movement.


IMG 4800
How can you not smile when it’s squat day?



Pressing strength for shoulder work then we’ve got a descending ladder couplet of Light Front Squats and Toes-to-Bar.



Interval work going every 5:00 with Strict Ring Dips, Deadlifts, and 400m Runs.  Great strength & conditioning workout.



Testing Upper Body Pull for Level Method then a quick chipper of Row, Hang Power Snatch, and Bar-Facing Burpees.  Higher intensity pushing through this one.



Hitting Clean doubles for strength work then a light conditioning day with Double Unders, Situps, and 200m Runs.



Back Squat strength hitting sets of 10 then a couple of Single-Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunges and Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans. 



Splitting reps with a partner going for a little longer pyramid chipper of Strict Handstand Push Up, Pull Up, Russian KB Swings, and just one 800m Run.

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