Week Preview for 7/13/20

🔷 We say it a lot but consistency is key.  I know some of you are struggling to make your schedule work in these weird times to squeeze in a class.  Many of you were able to knock out workouts on your own during quarantine so I know you have it in you to make it happen now.  Even if you cannot make a full class, go to the AT-HOME programming track and catch a quick workout instead of doing nothing.  The more you move throughout the week the better you’ll feel and perform when you’re in class!  If anything, pick 2-3 bodyweight movements, set a 10-minute clock, and move through them with a lower rep scheme to keep going.

IMG 4719
Bobby and the group working through KB Swings on a partner workout day.



I’ve changed the format of this preview but the AT-HOME tracks (Bodyweight and Equipment) will be in your Beyond the Whiteboard app daily.


Beginning the week with leg work.  Back Squat 3 x 5 then a Dumbbell workout with Snatches and Front Rack Lunges getting some volume there.  Depending on the load you grab this will be a moderate intensity just grinding out reps.



Going overhead with Push Press strength work then a light and fast workout.  Two 5-minute intervals of Hang Clean & Jerk and Double Unders.  You should be moving quickly the whole time on this one.



 Deadlift strength going with triples if you’ve been following along.  Good longer sweat on the workout doing 400m Runs, Box Jumps, and Toes-to-Bar.  Find a good pace early and keep moving as you’ll be breathing heavy with these movements.



Good mix of movements as we’re doing Strict Handstand Push Ups (or an Upper Body Push progression), Russian KB Swings, and Air Squats on an AMRAP style workout.  The rep scheme should keep you moving right through in the early rounds.  Taking time to review and smash out the quads, calves, and lats with a foam roller or lacrosse ball cool-down.



Snatch work!  We’ll have a few different options (as always) but this is a shot at heavy singles, power snatch triples, or new clients will be practicing the hang power clean to build that up first.  Quick little nasty couplet after with Wall Balls and Pull Ups on an ascending AMRAP ladder. 



Partner WOD where you are both working for 20 minutes!  This is going to be a fun one but a nice grind for a weekend morning depending on the load you choose.  While one partner runs 400m the other will be working through rounds of Clean & Jerks and Bar-Facing Burpees.

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