Week Preview for 6/8/20

We’re now into Phase 2 protocols which means things are getting closer to normal.  Keep up the momentum in the gym as we continue to improve fitness together.

Class caps are currently now 12 clients during the week and we’ll likely go back to 15 before long.  We’ll be continuing our rigorous cleaning procedures as we did before and during Phase 1 to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Thank you for your continued help in cleaning your areas as well as keeping appropriate distance.

Members, go check out the accompanying video in our private group and you may peek below for an outline of the week’s programming.

IMG 4488
Class getting a snatch warmup with the PVC pipe



CrossFit: Power Clean + Front Squat complex then Kettlebell workout with Single-Arm Swings and Front Squats

At-Home: Dumbbell (or Kettlebell) workout with Single-Arm Swings and Front Squats

Bodyweight: Air Squats, Glute Bridges, Hollow Rocks, and Planks

Notes:  Getting in some barbell practice then hitting the KB for conditioning while we focus mainly on lower body and core today.



CrossFit: Gymnastic strength with Strict Pull Ups and Ring Support Holds then conditioning with Strict Knees to Elbow, Box Jumps, and Double Unders

At-Home: Conditioning with Strict Knees to Elbow, Box Jumps, and Double Unders 

Bodyweight: V-Ups, Jumping Lunges, and Lateral Hops

Notes:  Bodyweight day doing upper body pulling, core work, and plyo.  



CrossFit: Pause Push Press then Hang Clean & Jerks + 400m Runs

At-Home: Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks + 400m Runs

Bodyweight: Push Ups + 400m Runs

Notes:  Drilling in good habits and explosiveness with the pause push press then stretching those legs out on some runs with lighter barbell work between.



CrossFit: Deadlifts, Burpees, and Wall Ball shots

At-Home: DB Deadlift, Burpee, and DB Thrusters

Bodyweight: Burpee, Lunges, and Situps

Notes:  Full body workout but you’ll feel a lot in the lower half today.



CrossFit: Rowing, Strict Ring Dips, 200m Runs, and Hang Power Snatches

At-Home: Runs, Dips, and DB Hang Snatches

Bodyweight: Runs and Dips

Notes:  Conditioning workout mixed with a good bit of upper body work to end the week.



CrossFit: Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Air Squats

At-Home: DB Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Air Squats

Bodyweight: Push Ups, Flutter Kicks, and Air Squats

Notes:  Pulling a light to moderate load on the power cleans mixed with volume on push ups and air squats for a classic triplet.

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