Week Preview for 6/5/23

🔷 Get ready for new stuff in your programming! Please review in BTWB before coming to class to help things go more smoothly.

🔷 There will now be 2 Tracks in your BTWB app:
CrossFit BR: will have a Performance & Fitness option that will be done in class. As always, we will adjust things for you as needed to get a workout in!
CFBR AT-HOME: will host workouts to be done on the road with little or no equipment.

Amanda Clean
Amanda working through cleans during the past Open


Strength: Heavy Deadlift Singles or 5’s.
Workout: Low rep challenging Deadlifts along with Hand-Release Push Ups and Wall Balls.

Skill: warming up and practicing for the workout.
Workout: Runs along with Pull Ups, Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, and Bar Muscle Ups.

Strength: Heavy Push Press Singles or 5’s.
Workout: All Pressing variations along with Double Unders, Step Ups, Burpees, and Burpee Box Step Overs.

Workout: There will be a couple EMOMs that include DB Snatches, Situps, Russian KB Swings, Russian Twists, and a Cardio movement of your choice (run/row/bike). Longer one moving for lower intensity.

Strength: Heavy Back Squat Singles or 5’s.
Workout: Runs, Med Ball Cleans, and Walking Lunges.

Strength: Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch
Workout: “Speed Boat” is a workout with Cal Rows, Toes-to-Bar, and Hang Power Snatches that will allow you to partition the reps however you see fit!

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