Week Preview for 6/28/21

IMG 8487
Welcoming Ally back from her basic training in National Guard!




Kicking off the week with a longer workout!  800m Runs along with Handstand Push Ups, Pull Ups, and Target Burpees.



Power Snatch strength work then a quick couplet of Deadlifts and Box Jump Overs.



Strength time will be 3 x 10 on Back Squat then a popular workout called “The Chief”.  This has multiple AMRAPs of Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Air Squats.



Working a Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlift for strength time then hitting a pyramid of Double Unders, Cal Rowing, and heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings.



Going overhead in strength time with the Split Jerk then a short rep scheme workout with some challenging Hang Power Cleans, Shoulder-to-Overhead, and Strict Pull Ups.



Partner WOD alternating full rounds of 100m Runs, Hang Power Snatches, and Box Jumps.  Longer workout to kick off the weekend!

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