Week Preview for 6/19/23

🔷 Our current text line will be gone later this month. The new number to text the gym is: 225-351-2285

🔷 Happy Father’s Day to all the strong 💪 CFBR dads!

🔷 No Shows: have to stop! Please do not hold a space in classes that others could use. We will have to implement fees if this continues.

Pasang Talia bench press
The ladies can get in on bench day too!


Workout: Rowing, Situps, Back Race Lunges, and Rope Climbs

Skill: Muscle Up (rings)
Workout: Burpee Muscle Up, Double Unders, and Shoulder to Overhead

Workout: Intervals of 100m Runs, Deadlifts, and Wall Balls

Workout: EMOM of Rowing/Bike/Run, Plate Ground to Overhead, and Plank Holds

Workout: 2-Parter! Box Jump Overs, Pull Ups, and DB Hang Snatches followed by a period to find a heavy/max Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: Front Squats and Burpees over the Bar

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