Week Preview for 6/10/24

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Strength: Shoulder Press
Workout: Hang Power Clean and Box Jump Over for a little intensity

Strength: Front Squat
Workout: EMOM style with Strict Pull Up, 200m Runs, Single-Arm DB Squat Cleans

Strength: Hang Snatch
Workout: Hang Power Snatch, Push Up, and Double Unders for a light one to keep moving

Workout: Russian KB Swing, Strict Situps, Suitcase Carries, and Strict Knee Raises for a slower pace but solid day
Strength: Single-Leg KB Deadlift, Single-Arm DB Rows, DB Curls

Strength: Bench Press
Workout: Chipper Day with Box Jumps, Ring Rows, Wall Balls, and Cal Rowing

Strength: Deadlift
Workout: Deadlift, Bar-Facing Burpee, and 100m Runs

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