Week Preview for 5/9/22

🔷 We’ve got more “testing” this week so looking forward to seeing more of the PRs we’ve been having!  As always, if you’re not ready to test you can always just get a good workout to prep for next time and you don’t have to level down.

🔷 SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, June 11th.  We will be celebrating our 10-Year Anniversary that evening!


IMG 0322
Robby hitting a big power clean




Testing all of Group 1: Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, and Lactic Tolerance.  If you’re not ready to “test” today then come in and get a workout still!



Hitting a MetCon first with Push Ups, 200m Runs, and Double Unders.  Should be a little less intensity today after Monday so we can prep for the rest of the week.  Post WOD we’ll work Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts along with Ring Skill Work based on your current needs to level up.



Testing Weightlifting for strength time.  If you’re in the Oly Total we’ll be doing the Snatch today.  You may test the Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, or Heavy Swing again today or get practice for next time.  Solid couplet of Dumbbell Snatches and Single-DB Box Step Ups for conditioning work.



It’s time for the Row test!  Strap in and get ready for a good long row.  With time remaining we’ll work to a 5RM for the day on the Bench Press.  You may also test Flexibility today if needed.



Great and challenging interval couplet to end the week with Wall Balls and Toes-to-Bar.  The built in rest will make it fun to push the pace each round.  Post WOD strength will be False Grip Ring Row and Banded Tricep Extensions.



Partner WOD!  Longer day working through Power Cleans, Bar-Facing Burpees, and 400m Runs.  Split the reps as needed to help each other out then you’ll both run.

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