Week Preview for 5/31/21

🔷 It is time for Memorial Day Murph!  The workout is tough but choose your correct modifications.  Also remember why we do this every year and remember the fallen who gave us this opportunity.  Arrive early to get loose as we’ll start the workout as soon as possible into the session.  We will hang out for a little bit after so feel free to bring a beverage and/or snack while there.


IMG 43841
A heat of Murph taking it on in 2020



Murph!  There are tons of ways to adjust this workout.  We’ll help any fitness level get the correct workout!



We’ll hit Power Cleans for a quick strength time just working to a heavy double.  Workout is an interval of Rowing and Power Cleans.  You’ll either take a rest after each round or work with a partner and alternate full rounds.  Using this to workout some soreness from Monday.



Another day that can be moderate intensity hitting a triplet of Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Jerk, Ab Mat Situps, and Box Step Ups.  Shoulder Press for strength work beforehand.



Working the Tempo Front Squat to drill in proper positions and strength in those ranges.  Workout has some intensity with Wall Balls and Target Burpees but lower volume.



Building to a heavy triple Deadlift which is mainly a warmup and test for the workout.  WOD is a couplet of Heavy Deadlifts and 100m Runs.  Keep form and focus on the deadlifts and just keep moving on the runs as that is just a built in active rest.



Partner WOD!  Working Hang Clean & Jerks and Double Unders on a descending ladder to kick off the weekend.

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