Week Preview for 5/3/21

🔷 With Murph coming up at the end of the month on Memorial Day, we do have another “Murph Prep” workout coming at you again on Thursday.  We do also have a few Level Method testing days this week so check the schedule and get signed in so you don’t miss out!  As always, if you aren’t ready to test we can help make you a workout to improve for the next testing period.


IMG 8016
Ashely working on a complex during this year’s Open.




Level Method testing the Deadlift and Upper/Lower Endurance.  If you missed the Upper Body Push last week then get that in if needed and our coaches will help you adjust anything else as needed.



Interval work going :40 ON and :20 OFF with Med Ball Box Step Up, Ab Mat Situps, Box Jumps, and Cal Rows.  Nice longer sweat to break up some of the testing this week.  Core cash out has hollow rocks and hollow holds.



Testing Weightlifting before a shorter but higher intensity workout.  For those into the “Oly Total” section, we’ll be focusing on the Clean & Jerk today.  Workout is a short couplet of Hang Power Clean & Jerks and Lateral Burpees over the Bar.



Doing the Rings test to start then a Murph prep workout.  We’ll have two AMRAPs that start with an 800m Run and doing as many rounds of “Cindy” in the remaining time.



Bench Day!  Hitting a little bench session then a Russian Kettlebell Swing and Double Under workout on a descending ladder for a great conditioning workout.



Partner WOD!  Splitting reps of Overhead Squats and Thrusters with 400m Runs together at the end of each round.


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