Week Preview for 5/10/21

🔷 We do have more Level Method testing this week so check those days and book your class!  As always, if you aren’t ready to test we will help adjust the workout to get you some training in.  The last couple of weeks have been real fun seeing the progress so let’s keep it going.

IMG 7492
Ryan working through DB snatches while Ham-bone judges




Heavy Power Clean triples to kick off the week!  Slinging that barbell around for strength time then a lighter load in a triplet of Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Ab Mat Situps.  Should be a moderate intensity before going into Tuesday’s testing.



Testing the Front Squat and Lactic Tolerance.  If you do need to test Upper Body Pull we’ll get that in quickly as well.



Rowing testing day.  I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite (mine neither) BUT if you aren’t 100% or ready to level up then you can hit an easy pace 20 minute row instead of trying to keep up with the tall people.  We can also turn this into a partner workout for you….just show up.  With extra time in class pre or post workout you’ll have an opportunity to either test flexibility, work on your pulling/pushing strength if you missed Monday or Tuesday, or take that time to mobilize and chat with friends.



Working on the Push Jerk with triples for strength.  Workout will be an AMRAP of Toes-to-Bar, Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Jerks, and Double Unders.  Solid shoulder, core, and conditioning day.



For the strength period you’ll have the opportunity to establish a 1RM Snatch for the other half of your Weightlifting testing (we did the C&J last week).  Other strength options are practicing the Power Snatch OR you can test the Power Clean or Hang Power Clean portions of the Weightlifting category.  Spicy workout this day with heavy Overhead (or Front) Squats, Bar-Facing Burpees, and 200m Runs.



Double AMRAP Partner WOD!  First section will have Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups and Box Jump Overs.  Second one is Pull ups and Single Dumbbell Box Step Ups.  One working and one resting as you work together on these.

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