Week Preview for 5/22/23

🔷 Murph is next Monday on Memorial Day! There are 2 heats: 8am & 9am so get signing in to have a spot.

🔷 Keep getting in those pull up reps so we can finish out this month’s challenge!

Vi Deadlift
Vi and other ladies putting in the work!

Starting the week with Shoulder Press strength then a moderate length MetCon of Russian Kettlebell Swings, Push Ups, and 400m Runs.

We’ll use our skill time to practice the barbell with a Snatch or a complex. There’s a quick chipper MetCon of Cal Rowing, Overhead Squats, and Power Snatches.

Quicker skill MetCon today practicing the Pull Up, Toes-to-Bar, and Double Unders. Post-WOD accessory work has Single-Leg KB Deadlifts and 1/2 Kneeling DB Presses for health work.

Bench Press for strength time followed by a triplet of Box Jumps, Dumbbell Sumo Deadlifts, and Burpees. A simple one to go steady and break up the week.

Hitting Front Squat triples for strength time followed by 200m Runs and a descending ladder of Thrusters.

Goal today should be moving but being fresh for Murph on Monday so we have interval work with Cal Rows, AbMat Situps, and Hang Power Cleans.

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