Week Preview for 5/17/21

🔷 Congrats to 2 of our couples on their wedding weeks!  Sean & Abby and Aaron & Amanda will be tying the knot this weekend!  Best wishes and safe travels for your honeymoons.


IMG 5282
Aaron working on front squats.





Deadlift strength work then hitting a dumbbell workout with Dumbbell Snatches and Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters.  More of a strength feeling day but still a high heart rate on this workout!



Catching a Bench Press session early in the week then a Rowing and Toes-to-Bar workout on a 90 second clock with rest.  Quick row then max reps of toes-to-bar in time remaining.



Testing Aerobic Power Intervals!  Great workout whether you’re looking to level up or just practice a strategy for next time.



Practicing the Power Snatch then hitting a quick chipper of Cal Row, Power Snatch, and Bar Muscle Up (or other pulling variation).



Testing Squat Endurance for strength time then hitting another chipper of Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Ab Mat Situps.



Partner workout with Running, Double Unders, and Walking Lunges.  Great workout to kick off your weekend!

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