Week Preview for 5/1/23

🔷 The May Challenge will be for Pull Ups! Big note here is don’t over-do this one! You may want to get some volume one day then take a day off. Be sure to check out the pull up days for classes each week too (this week is Tuesday and Saturday). Each square is worth 10 pull ups! Any variation is welcome but check notes in BTWB for more info.

🔷 You’ll see some training pieces this month to help prepare for the popular Hero WOD “Murph” that we’ll do on the morning of Memorial Day. Check the blog and BTWB to make sure you aren’t overtraining any of these movements leading up to that day.

🔷 Shirt Order: we’re re-printing the CFBR American shirt! Place your order using the Google sheet that will be shared in text and member forum.

🔷 Well done on the April Push Up Challenge! Light work for y’all!

Ethan Kacey Pull Ups
Ethan and Kacey working through pull ups

Going heavy in the Push Press for strength time so log a PR on the board if it’s there! Working through a triplet of Dumbbell Snatches, Push Ups, and Ab Mat Situps for your MetCon.

Tempo Front Squats during strength time for building better positions and time under tension. MetCon is a nice couplet of Wall Balls and Pull Ups!

We’ll practice the Power Clean & Push Jerk for strength time then use is again in the MetCon. That’ll have a couple 800m Runs for a cash-in/out as well as light Clean & Jerks and Deadlifts.

Longer one with intervals so you can go easy to break up the week or harder if it’s a main training day. Working through Cal Rows, Toes-to-Bar, and Box Jumps.

Getting into triples for Deadlift strength time. Conditioning is an AMRAP of Russian Kettlebell Swings, Single-Arm KB Front Squats, and Double Unders.

Going with the popular benchmark “Cindy” for our MetCon! If you’re planning on doing Murph on Memorial Day then get signed in early for this one to prep and see where your volume is on Pull Ups, Push Ups, and Air Squats. This workout is the most popular way to break up the reps of 100/200/300 on Murph into 20 Rounds of Cindy which is 5/10/15.

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