Week Preview for 4/18/22

🔷 Happy Easter!  We hope everyone was able to relax a little and spend time with loved ones.  Get ready for a good week!

🔷 SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, June 11th.  We will be celebrating our 10-Year Anniversary that evening!


IMG 0951
Throwback to colder times and Ethan working on cleans.



Overhead complex to kick off the week with Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerks.  Conditioning work has a cash-in and cash-out of a 400m Run with Strict Ring Dips and Wall Balls in-between.



Kettlebell Test day!  If you’re not ready (or willing) to jump to the next level then choose a loading/reps/progression to get a workout.  Core work post-WOD has Hollow Rocks, Hollow Holds, and Russian Twists.


Working the Hang Power Clean for strength work followed by an AMRAP of Pull Up, Burpees, and Double Unders.  Hit those cleans hard as you can cruise through the WOD if needed.



Tempo Front Squat for strength time to work on and improve positions.  MetCon has Runs, Push Ups, and Air Squats on an AMRAP format.



Practicing the Deadlift with a reset at the bottom.  This will help drill in that first pull each rep.  Spicy little couplet of Power Snatches and Toes-to-Bar t0 finish things off..



Partner WOD!  Splitting reps as needed working through Rowing, Dumbbell Push Press, and Box Jump Overs.  Nice longer one but you’ll get rest while your partner goes.


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