Week Preview for 4/17/23

🔷 We’re halfway through the April Push Up Challenge and the board is looking great! Keep it up and finish strong.

🔷 Memorial Day Murph is coming soon so keep up the consistency and get ready for a challenge!

ashlyn lunge
Ashlyn working through front rack lunges

Starting the week with Heavy Power Cleans (hang power cleans) in strength time! Check your Weightlifting category in the Level Method app and see if there’s an opportunity for you to level up. The MetCon is a fun little triplet of Toes-to-Bar, Power Cleans, and Front Squats. Lower overall reps to push the pace while still moving well.

Testing the Running category on the LM MAP to kick off the day. If you just tested the 400m last week and not ready to test that again, chat with your coach and they’ll give options. MetCon is a couplet of Double Unders and Dumbbell Snatches. If you’re smoked from really pushing the mile test then keep it light and/or adjust reps.

Practicing the Push Jerk during strength time as more of a warmup for part B but push it as able based on your needs. MetCon is an AMRAP of Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, Push Jerks, and Ab Mat Situps. We’ll have plenty of progressions for the C2B to challenge that movement and you’ll choose a challenging but smart load on the push jerks.

Longer interval workout with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Burpees, and max rep Cal Rowing in the remaining time. You’ve got a nice rest between each so you can push the pace as able or you can cruise today and sweat if you’re a 5-6 day per week person.

Working on Snatch technique (or another variation to prep for the MetCon) during the strength time. MetCon is the old classic benchmark WOD “Nancy” which has 400m Runs and Overhead Squats. As always, there will be plenty of adjustments and variations to get you the appropriate workout.

Hitting a solid volume Bench Press session before an AMRAP of Strict Pull Ups, Box Jump Overs, and Deadlifts. Come move and sweat to kick off the weekend!

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