Week Preview for 4/10/23

🔷 Happy Easter! Hope everyone is having a great holiday but stay hydrated too so we can get in tomorrow and sweat it out.

🔷 Keep it going on the April Push Up Challenge! That board is on track so knock out those sets this week too.

IMG 3485 2
Elizabeth working through Toes-to-Bar


Working on the Push Press for strength time. As always, really focus on driving through those heels and using your legs and hips to move the weight! Simple yet effective triplet to shake off the holiday weekend with Box Jump Overs, Double Unders, and Dumbbell Snatches.

Doing Front Squat doubles for strength work. We’ve hit some tempo work recently to work better positions so keep that up as we go heavier. Our MetCon is a 10-rounder with Wall Balls and short Runs which is really just active rest. This one will get spicy and fun.

Power Snatch triples are our strength time to practice this movement (or the Power Clean for newer clients). Ascending ladder AMRAP of Deadlifts and Toes-to-Bar will test your grip and core today. It’s fairly quick though so choose loads and progressions that’ll keep you moving and safe.

We’re Testing the 400m Run to kick things off! MetCon is a longer one that features 200m Runs along with light Hang Power Cleans and Push Jerks.

Getting a little pump on the Bench Press with 5’s for strength time. Hitting intervals for conditioning with Cal Rowing, Air Squats, and Burpee Strict Pull Ups.

Fun 2-part workout going from Squat Cleans & Bar-Facing Burpees into 400m Runs & Thrusters. Similar to last week’s mash-up but slightly quicker!

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