Week Preview for 4/12/21

🔷 Crawfish Boil is this Saturday 4/17!  Boil starts after class.  We’ll have info for tickets in the Facebook group, email, and text.


IMG 7800
Austin and Justin working through pull ups during this year’s Open





Push Press strength work to start the week.  Options for singles, triples, and sets of five based on your current strength.  AMRAP workout is set to keep you moving with shorter but challenging sets of Strict Pull Ups, Dumbbell Snatches, and Double Unders.



Hitting short Rows, Handstand Walks, and Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunges with a short rest between rounds.  This will help you keep intensity and shake out those arms.  We’ll sub Wall Walks, Shoulder Taps, or Bear Walks for those handstand walks so nothing to worry about there.  Core cash out with L-Sits!



Quick Deadlift strength session then an ascending AMRAP ladder of Toes-to-Bar and Push Ups.  Break things up early so you can keep moving later in this workout.



Practicing the Hang Clean for strength work then going into Squat Cleans and Bar-Facing Burpees for an interval workout.  Short but tough rounds with some higher intensity this day!



Longer workout with heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings, Box Jumps, and 400m Runs.  Nice rest between rounds so you can recover and keep intensity.  Finish the week strong!



Partner workout will be for max reps on a clock.  Fun setup this day with 1 working and 1 resting pushing through Clean & Jerks, Pull Ups, and Wall Balls.

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