Week Preview for 3/9/20


🔷 Thanks to everyone who ordered apparel!  It should print within the next week or so and be shipped to the gym.

DSC 0801
Jon working through wall ball shots


Monday:  Back Squat strength work then Push Ups and Box Jumps after a Row buy-in.

Tuesday: Skill/strength time practicing the Hang Clean & Jerk then an ascending AMRAP with those and Pull Ups.

Wednesday:  Deadlift singles!  Conditioning work with Running, Burpees, and Air Squats.

Thursday: EMOM skill/strength with Toes-to-Bar, Box Step Ups, Strict Ring Dips, and Double Unders.

Friday:  Build to a heavy triple Thruster then a quick couplet of Runs and Thrusters.

Saturday:  Partner WOD!  We’ve got heavy Russian KB Swings, Strict Pull Ups, Box Jump Overs, and Strict Handstand Push Ups. 

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