Week Preview for 3/16/20


🔷 We are doing everything able to keep the facility as clean as possible and you as safe as possible.  Workouts will have a limited amount of equipment so that you will have less to cleanup and should not have to share things.  Please continue to do your part and stay home if not feeling well.  Cover your mouth with arm when coughing or sneezing.  Wipe down all equipment after your workout.

🔷 AT-HOME WORKOUTS:  There will be an at-home bodyweight workout each day listed at the bottom of the TRAIN program track.  If you’d like Online Personal Programming as you have more equipment, reach out and we’ll discuss options.

🔷 DROP-INS:  In order to be overly cautious for our clients, we will not be accepting drop ins that are traveling into our city.  This is a decision that was not made lightly as we do not want to limit anyone’s fitness but our clients are our main priority and concern.

🔷 Please take a minute to be sure to gather all of your belongings when leaving the gym.  We want as little clutter from outside items and will have to throw away items left to keep it clean.

🔷 SAVE THE DATE:  We are hoping to be able to have the Annual CFBR Crawfish Boil on Saturday, April 18th.  We will be monitoring the pandemic over the next weeks to see if this is possible. 

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Happy Birthday to Coach Taylor!



Monday:  Deadlifts and Running!  Heavier deadlifts and short runs to keep moving.

Tuesday: 2 Separate Couplets of Pull Ups and Box Jump Overs then Toes-to-Bar and Burpee Box Jumps.

Wednesday:  Running, Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerks for conditioning and overhead endurance.

Thursday: Power Cleans, Lateral Burpees over Bar, and Walking Lunges for a longer one.

Friday:  Fun end to the work week having a run buy-in then you get to partition reps of Front Squats, Strict Pull Ups, and Strict Ring Dips.

Saturday:  DB Snatch, Single-Arm DB Hang Squat Cleans, V-ups, and short runs.

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