Week Preview for 3/21/22

IMG 1262
Jenny moving through Bar Facing Burpees




Kicking off the week with a lot of Clean & Jerks.  Practicing during strength time then we’ve got a “Running Grace” WOD with 400m Runs and Clean & Jerks for a little barbell fun and intensity.



Working the Pause Overhead Squat for strength time to focus on proper positioning in the movement.  MetCon is a little longer but slower paced as you’ll end up breaking things up as you work through Wall Balls, Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats, and Strict Ring Dips.



Quick and grippy couplet of Deadlifts and Pull Ups for our MetCon!  We’ll do Post-WOD accessory on the core and shoulders with GHD Situps along with Plate Lateral and Front Raises.



Bench Day!  Hitting some triples before an interval workout with Cal Rows, Push Ups, and Double Unders.  Great day to push where you need to and improve a skill, strength, or conditioning.



Taking some Oly time on the Hang Snatch before an ascending ladder of Toes-to-Bar and Burpee Box Jump Overs.  The start will feel easy so don’t fall into the trap as you’ll need to grind it out later in the workout.



Longer partner WOD as we work through Runs, Russian Kettlebell Swings, and Ring Rows.  Nice start to the weekend so come get a good sweat!


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