Week Preview for 2/8/21

🔷 The CrossFit Open is right around the corner now.  We’ll be posting in the private FB group soon about forming teams and having some fun on Friday Night Lights in March.  Reminder on dates:  3/12, 3/19, 3/26.


IMG 5066
Madison working on Dumbbell Snatches




Kicking off the week with strength work on the Shoulder Press and Push Press as you’ll quickly build to a heavy set on each.  Conditioning work is a short rep scheme triplet of Strict Pull Ups, Dumbbell Snatches, and Air Squats to keep you moving.



Back Squat sets of 8 then interval work going :45 ON and :15 OFF with Cal Rowing, Push Ups, and Box Jump Overs.  You can hit both with whatever intensity you have for the day.



Lots of snatches mid week.  Using our strength period to practice the Hang Power Snatch then we have a descending ladder of light Hang Power Snatches and Ab Mat Situps.  Getting some volume on these movements today.



Starting with an AMRAP of Wall Balls and Handstand Walks (or a progression of choice).  We’ll have options of Bear Walks, Shoulder Taps, Box Handstand Circles, etc. to build skill and keep you moving.  Accessory strength work afterwards of Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts and Double Dumbbell Bent over Rows.



Heavy Power Clean singles!  Load up during strength time then we’ll drop it down a little lighter but still challenging for a chipper workout.  Conditioning is a fun little chipper of Cal Rows, Power Cleans, Pull Ups, Front Squats, and Bar-Facing Burpees.



Partner workout on an AMRAP of Toes-to-Bar, Light Push Jerks, and Walking Lunges.  Work together and start your weekend with fitness.

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