Week Preview for 2/7/22

🔷 Get signed up for The Open!  Please check the FB group and/or your email for the Google Doc so we can get you on a team.  We need to get a shirt order done this week so need to know who all is participating.


IM IN All Blue Gradient
It’s almost time for the 2022 Open!




Taking a skill day on the Hang Power Snatch followed by a volume building interval workout.  Hitting Push Ups, Cal Rows, and Toes-to-Bar each on a 2-minute clock with a rest at the end.  Good day to note where you begin to struggle on these gymnastic movements.



Testing Squat Endurance!  As a reminder, you must complete the highest version of an assessment before moving forward.  If you do finish your assessment early, you may practice the next one in time remaining.  Conditioning will be shorter but a challenging rep scheme of Dumbbell Snatches and Double Unders.



Longer conditioning workout to kick off the day with Runs, Kettlebell Swings, and Ab Mat Situps.  Post WOD strength has L-Seated Dumbbell Press and Kettlebell High Pulls to work on shoulder strength and stability.



Hitting volume on Deadlifts with a 4×8 before an EMOM of Pull Ups, Dumbbell Walking Lunges, and Target Burpees.  Moderate loading on the deadlifts today as we just got through a building period there.  For the EMOM, choose a rep scheme that will be challenging but sustainable through the workout and help you build volume.



All barbell to end the week.  We have a fun complex for strength time followed by a couplet of Hang Power Cleans and Front Squats.  This will be an AMRAP and you’ll be increasing load throughout the “rounds” to see how many reps you can accumulate.  Choose loads that are easy to start but are challenging yet safe to finish.



Partner WOD has Handstand Push Ups, light Power Snatches, and Box Jump Overs!  This will be a fun but challenging workout.  The good news is you are splitting reps as needed so help each other out as you push through this AMRAP.

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