Week Preview for 2/6/23

🔷 Same notes as last week for the Level Method Testing, come on in whether you’re ready to “test” or not and we’ll get you a workout!  Not every day is a PR day so you don’t have to “level down”.  With Tuesday being all of Group 1, we’re building the days around that to get a workout but not be blown up.

🔷 The CFBR Open 2023 starts with Friday Night Lights on 2/17/23.  The graphic here shows the official info about the worldwide event from CFHQ.  While we encourage you all to sign up online for participation it is not a requirement.


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Official info from CFHQ




Going overhead for strength time with either the Split Jerk, Push Jerk, or Push Press depending on your strength and skill level.  Conditioning is a quick couplet to keep the heart rate up but leave you feeling okay for Tuesday’s program.



Level Method Testing: Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, and Lactic Tolerance.  We’re definitely doing Lactic Tolerance as that is the MetCon for today but if you need to skip the pull and focus on front squat or vice versa you could do that.  Chat with your coach and we’ll help you make a plan.



Getting in a little longer workout while flushing out some soreness with 400m Runs, Russian Kettlebell Swings, and Push Ups.  Post-WOD has core work with Alternating V-Ups, Hollow Rocks, and Russian Twists.



Practicing the Overhead Squat as more of a skill session for most.  There is also an option for Split Squat work to build single-leg strength that we all need.  MetCon is basically Air Squat Annie as we have a descending ladder of Double Unders and Air Squats.  For those that have been in all week it’ll be nice to rest the grip a bit.



Hitting Power Clean singles for strength time followed by a fun interval workout.  You’ll be working through Toes-to-Bar and light Power Cleans then going for Max Cals on the Rower in time remaining.



Bench Day!  Getting in a pump session with triples and a few max efforts before a quick AMRAP of Wall Balls and Ring Rows.


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