Week Preview for 1/30/23

🔷 We have more Level Method Testing this week!  A huge note here which always applies:  if you aren’t ready for a level up or test, do not skip.  Come in and get a workout.  We’ll adjust things to make sense and get you an appropriate training session for the day.  I want to have more opportunities for our newer clients to test and I understand those of you who have been at it for years may not always be ready to hit the same version of a workout again.  I’ve done some of these benchmarks for well over a decade so I get it!  I adjust them for how I feel that day to get in a workout and have some fun with it.

🔷 Switching Saturday to look more like a weekly class.  Not a partner workout and adding a barbell session this week.  Let me know if you all would rather these instead of partner days.

🔷 The CFBR Open 2023 starts with Friday Night Lights on 2/17/23.


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John working on that barbell




Level Method Testing:  Upper Body Push and the Kettlebell Test.  If you need to do the Tabata Push Up assessment then get in today!  Knocking this out so we can do Upper/Lower on Friday.  For the Kettlebell test, if you’re not ready for the volume today we will adjust this by adding another movement.  Instead of 10 rounds of kettlebell, we’ll do 5 rounds alternating with kettlebell and another movement.  Check BTWB notes for more info and options.



Gymnastics and a pump session.  Working intervals of 400m Rows and a max effort of Toes-to-Bar for your conditioning.  Post-WOD has Single-Arm Ring Rows, Banded Tricep Extensions, and Alternating Dumbbell Curls.



Working Pause Back Squats for positioning followed by a few volume sets of Back Squat.  MetCon is a triplet of Hang Power Cleans, Lateral Burpees over the Bar, and Double Unders.



Practicing a complex with the Snatch for a good technique day followed by an AMRAP of 200m Runs, Box Jump Overs, and Ab Mat Situps which will keep you moving.



Level Method Testing the Deadlift and Upper/Lower Endurance (aka “Diane”).  Same notes as above, if you’re not ready to test we will make an appropriate training workout with these movements.



Taking time to practice the Hang Squat Clean for a strength session followed by a quick AMRAP of Pull Ups, Hang Power Cleans, and Front Rack Lunges.  (FYI – this is not a partner workout)


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