Week Preview for 2/13/23

🔷 The CFBR Open 2023 starts this week with Friday Night Lights on 2/17/23.  While we encourage you all to sign up online for participation it is not a requirement.  Everyone has been put on a team for our CFBR Open.  If you can make it at any point on a Friday that’s awesome but no worries if not.  We made 3 teams this year to lessen the hit for those who may have to work or travel.

🔷 FNL: doors open at 4:30pm to come in and start warming up on your own for those who want to get into an early heat.  Sign up for a heat on the whiteboard when you arrive.  Coach review will begin at 5pm with heats starting shortly after.  We will run heats until everyone has gone so no worries if you are a little late, just be sure to have reviewed the standards put out by us and CFHQ.

🔷 The CFBR Open is all about having some fun.  Push yourself as able and maybe find a new gear but the main goal of Friday Night Lights is community.  Every level is encouraged to come out and participate!  There is nothing to worry about no matter what part of your fitness journey you are currently on.

🔷 During the 3 weeks of the CrossFit Open we’ll be looking to get in any intensity and volume on Monday & Tuesday then start to taper down since we do not know what Friday will bring.  This is to keep you healthy, safe, and to be able to bring your best game during Friday Night Lights!

🔷 CFBR Open Shirts have arrived and are on the front desk for pickup!  There’s a little present in there for you too.

🔷 Theme for this FNL will be Mardi Gras so wear your Open Shirts or anything Purple, Green, and Gold!  Masks, beads, etc. are a plus!

🔷 CFBR Open Scoring is below.  To break it down, for doing the workout in a class (5am, 6am, or 9am) you will earn 5 Points (max) for your team.  Those will not be judged so cannot be eligible for extra points in the top 3.  If you perform the workout at Friday Night Lights (FNL) you will earn 10 Points for your team.  Those finishing in the Top 3 of their division will earn extra points as listed below.  The Rx and Scaled division workouts will be determined by CFHQ.  We may use their Foundations option or program our own LIVE option each week.  This may vary week by week depending on the official workouts.

-Class WOD: 5 Points

-FNL WOD: 10 Points

-Rx top 3: +10 Points

-Scaled top 3: +7 Points

-LIVE/Foundations top 3: +5 Points


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We’re headed into the 11th Open at CFBR!

CFBR Open Teams 2023




Level Method Testing the Rings category for our strength/skill time.  If your test is quick or you’re not quite ready for a level up then get in some work during this time.  We’ve got a spicy couplet for conditioning with an ascending ladder of Power Snatches and Push Ups.



Oly session working a complex of the Hang Clean + Clean.  Practice hitting the hips with a big drive then pulling under the barbell.  MetCon is a interval couplet of Med Ball Cleans and Med Ball Step Ups for a leg burner.



Hitting the Push Press for strength time.  Get challenging but I wouldn’t go too crazy as we get close to Friday.  Workout is lower volume but still a good one with Strict Pull Ups, 200m Runs, and Push Jerks.



Interval day so we can keep intensity low if coming for 23.1 on Friday.  Push it if you know you can’t make it.  Cal Rows, Ab Mat Situps, and Double Unders are your interval movements for conditioning.  We have a Post-WOD session with Single-Arm High Pulls, Lateral Raises, and Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts for cool-down and keeping things healthy.



Open WOD 23.1 will be announced on Thursday at 2pm via the CrossFit Games.



TBA once we know the Friday workout.


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