Week Preview for 2/26/24

🔷 The 2024 CFBR Open starts this Friday!
🔸Doors Open at 4:30pm, review at 5pm, then running heats until done. We’ll have a heat list to sign up for when you arrive to the gym. Be sure to sign into class super early so we can have a head count for heats.
🔸This is a fun community event so feel free to invite friends to watch and any beverages are welcome to bring as well.
🔸The workouts are released on Thursdays at 2pm by the CrossFit Games so be sure to review the workouts and standards before coming to the event. It will greatly help us in running a smooth and fun event.
🔸We will have the Rx and Scaled versions of the Open WOD as well as other variations as needed so everyone can get a workout. So no worries if you are newer or deconditioned, come on in and we’ll have something for you to do!

🔷 Fridays during the Open: classes (5am, 6am, and 9am) will run with the Open workout but will not be judged. If you plan to register for the worldwide event through the Games, be sure you can make it to the Friday Night Lights events to have a judge and be able to log an official score.

year12 CF Open 2024


Strength: Power Snatch & Hang Snatch
Workout of the Week: Power Snatch, Burpee over Bar, and Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Workout: EMOM of a Cardio Choice, Box Jump Overs, Front Rack Lunges, and Situps

Skill: Handstand Hold or Walks
Workout: 200m Runs, DB Hang Clean & Jerks, and Wall Walks

Quality Workout: Suitcase Carries, Cardio, Jump Rope, Up-Downs, and KB Goblet Lunges

Open WOD 24.1 will be announced by the CrossFit Games on Thursday

TBA depending on the 24.1 workout

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