Week Preview for 2/19/24

🔷 The 2024 CFBR Open kicks off in just under 2 weeks with the first workout “Open WOD 24.1” on March 1st. Friday Night Lights is the big event that will start at 5pm on Fridays (3/1, 3/8, and 3/15). We’ll run heats until everyone has done the workout. Morning classes will be doing the workout as well but will not have judges. If you do wish to sign up online with the Games site, be sure to make it on Friday nights as it’s more fun there anyway! We’ll be splitting everyone up into teams soon to make things interesting with earning points.

BR Open Crops 2024
2024 Open crops came out nice 😎


Workout: Cardio Day! Running along with either Rowing or Biking….check btwb for a few options
Finisher: Twisting Bicep Curls, Bent over Reverse Flies, and Plank Holds

Skill: Power Clean
Benchmark Workout: “The Chief” has Power Cleans, Push Ups, and Air Squats

Workout: Double Unders, Shoulder-to-Overhead, and Bar Muscle Ups (or other gymnastic pulling)

Workout: Russian Kettlebell Swings, KB Goblet Lunges, and Shuttle Runs in an interval format

Skill: Rope Climb
Workout: Cardio, Toes-to-Bar, Burpees, and Rope Climbs (or Strict Pull Ups)

Strength: Clean & Jerk
Workout: “Open WOD 11.3” is short and nasty with max reps of Squat Cleans and Jerks

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