Week Preview for 2/21/22

🔷 The 2022 Open starts this Friday!  Doors open at 4pm on Friday and the fun starts at 5pm.  We’ll review the workout and movements prior to starting heats.  When you arrive at the gym, get your name in the heat you’d like to workout in.  If you are going in an earlier heat, be sure to get there early to warmup before we do the review at 5pm.  If you are going in a later heat as you cannot make it at 5pm it’s not a problem, just do the warmup on the board and we’ll make sure you’re ready to go when the time comes.  Also review the workout when CrossFit releases it on Thursday!  The evening time will not be ran as a normal class so be prepared for the event.


🔷 If you have not yet signed up for a team you can still do so this week!   Shirt order is already in but you can still earn points for your team by doing the workout at any time on Friday or participating in Friday Night Lights.  So we’ll be on the last call recruiting path this week!


IMG 7522
Ryan working through Burpee Box Jumps in last year’s Open!




Working the Front Squat for strength and similar to last week we’ll be hitting max reps on the last set.  Should be a moderate to challenging load.  MetCon is a triplet of Strict Handstand Push Ups, light Hang Power Snatches, and Air Squats.  Great opportunity to work on strength for the HSPU and barbell cycling.  The air squats will be a little “rest” for some and for others a chance to drill in proper habits.



It’s “Two’s-day” of 2/22/22 so we got nerdy and made this workout.  We’ll do a quick strength/skill session to build to a heavy Clean & Jerk then hit a 22 Round workout with 2 reps of each: Clean & Jerk, Lateral Burpee over the Bar, Chest to Bar Pull Up, and Toes-to-Bar.  Lots of transitions and we’ll have some fun with it!



Getting in another fun chipper to break up the week.  Light barbell working through Overhead Squats, Push Press, Box Jumps, Barbell Bent Over Rows, and Single-Dumbbell Box Step Ups.  This starts spicy then slows down at the end so focus on movement throughout.  Not trying to be blown up as we don’t know Friday’s WOD yet.  Core cash out has GHD Situps, Hollow Rocks, and Alternating V-Ups.



Goal is just moving today as again, we don’t know Friday yet.  We’ll do a Bench Press session followed by a partner or single-person WOD of Running and Rowing.  Nice cardio day to just move!



Open WOD 22.1 – will be announced by the Games on Thursday.



Partner WOD!  Plan currently is an AMRAP of Wall Balls, Double Unders, Push Ups, and Walking Lunges but that could change depending on the Open WOD announcement.  Fun longer workout as you’re splitting reps working through bigger sets together.



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